Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why Spirituality is the Answer to Fear Of Death?

Fear of death is quite common. It originates from a person's rather overindulgence in materialistic world without remaining in connect with his inner soul and from tremendous self-belief in his ability to overcome all difficulties. While the latter can also be an attribute of a positive person, it has a tendency of being taken away from the spiritual life.
When i speak of the fear of death, it is because of our inability to accept this reality that we are not immortals. Though we know that even the Lords have had to leave this world for some higher destination, and, we too, might have taken birth and died many times over in the past, still it is difficult to make the feeling of death an integral part of life. And, the fear of death can be removed solely by understanding, accepting and making this fear an integral part of our daily lives. It is only by doing so that we will not be perturbed by the occurrence of this eventuality either to our near and dear ones or ourselves.
We will have to accept and we shall do so that neither we had choice for our birth, nor will we be having one for our death. And, the sages and the learned have mentioned in their texts that this is one of the world and our soul, which is eternal, transcends from one being to another, on this planet and also to the worlds beyond this one which we are not aware of.
Bhagwat Geeta has tried to ameliorate this pain of alienation from our near and dear ones by clearing saying that the soul can not be destroyed and it is only a matter of it changing the bodies just as we change our clothes every day. Here, 'a day' could be a 'a lifespan'. So, there exists no reason for worry or for fear of dying. Dying will take you to a new realm based on your deeds of the current birth. This philosophy of 'karmas' as the binding threads between rebirths has been invoked by ancient sages and philosophers who have emphasized doing of right karmas.
So, nothing much to worry if you consider that death actually means beginning of a new chapter, a new role to play on a new stage. For this reason, it has been said that the current life shall be lived to the fullest without this fear being inculcated in your being. However, at the same time, it has to be remembered that should we faced with any deadly situation, we shall remain in complete composure and be fighting well to ward it off. We shall be surrendering to the will of God and fighting it off at the same time. This might seem paradoxical but actually it is not. Surrendering to the will of the Almighty does not mean surrender to the fear but to get the strength to fight it off resolutely. This will help you not to relapse into anxiety or depression but to face it with all your might.
To sum it all, remember God, have faith in his doings, surrender to his will and seek strength from Him for overcoming your troubles. May God Bless Us All!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Do Not Fear Death, Love It

It was during my 30s, and i think that is the age during which this thing happens, that I first grew extremely conscious of the death and the related ifs and buts of life. I would call this decade of moving between the 30s and the 40s as the most important period of a person's life when he or she is at the best of energy levels and is also age when it is highly important to positive frame of mind. In my case, it was not the positive but the negative frame of mind which dominated the first five years of this decade. Matters of life and death were so heavy on the mind that i went into depression and had to take medication. There was a strong realization that people will not remain with you, whether they are your parents or anyone else, for a long period of time. Today i know how foolish it was to think in that way since i had taken upon myself to think about the inevitable.
The result of this negative and depressive thought process was that i began to remain low on energy levels, grew disinterested in my work and felt that i could not muster up enough courage to fight the routine odds of life. Timely action on different fronts saved me from actually destroying my life financially and retain control over the positive threads of life.  I want to share these golden tips, right from my own experiences with you.

1. Do not fear death, love it. Death can be considered a chapter closed or a new chapter beginning, depending on you attitude towards life. I suggest that you strongly take the latter approach. But, be mindful, that you do not have to go on suicidal mission by loving death. This thought will put you at ease, away from the fear of death. World will, all of a sudden, begin to look beautiful. You will feel light.

2. Do not run away from medication, if you are in depressed state of mind: Depression can be treated with medicine. You are not the only one suffering from it. Many others also suffer from it. Medication gives you strength and time to regain life's control. Do not shy away from seeking medication from a registered practitioner.

3. Be religious: By being religious, you leave your worries and thoughts to Him. You agree that you are nothing and he is the supreme entity, the creater, the operator and also the destroyer. And, when this realization dawns that you are nothing, the reasons which created the fear of death will vanish. You will realize that fear is not the solution. You can even take recourse to reading religious books or listening to discourses.

4. Ask yourself this question "would you prefer to die fighting with with troubles or meekly surrender to your problems?" You will find the reasons to live and live fighting the odds of life. You need to develop the thought that you have to tie over your problems and emerge victorious. That fighting spirit will see you through the harshest of times.

5. Get back to work and think of nothing but work. If other thoughts strike you, think of God being present in and around you to help you. Do not let negative thoughts retain control over you.

6. Socialize with people whose company gives you comfort. They will bring you positive life experiences and share a joke or two with you. You will learn how to remain positive and not let thoughts of death disturb you. It is good if aged people are there in your company because you will learn a lot from them.